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Asset Management Assistant (Part-Time)

New Paltz, NY, USA

Who we are

We are a boutique cloud and DevOps consulting company with employees and clients across the USA, Canada and India, with a growing MSP division.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for an Asset Management Assistant (Part-Time) to help us grow our Managed Service Provider and IT Support vertical.

To work with us as a Asset Management Assistant (Part-Time) we would expect you to have:

  • Located in or near New Paltz, NY. 

  • Valid driver's license and access to a personal vehicle.

  • Availability Monday through Friday as needed by the business. 

  • Ability to work alone and with a remote team.

  • Comfort handling high value equipment and hardware.

  • Attention to detail and strong time management skills.

  • Must pass a full background check.

Any of the following skills/experience are not required but highly preferred:

  • Experience with O365 and/or Azure.

  • Experience with small-medium volume shipping and receiving.

  • Experience with asset management systems.

  • Experience with computers, technology and/or IT support. 

Responsibilities of the position

The type of work you'll be doing as an Asset Management Assistant (Part-Time) will be:

  • Inventory Management:

    • Manage a small office of computer inventory for multiple end clients.

    • Receive, organize, and maintain accurate records of hardware inventory, including laptops, monitors, docking stations, shredders, printers, and laptop bags.

  • Shipping and Receiving:

    • Process and prepare outgoing shipments to clients, ensuring timely and accurate delivery.

    • Receive and sign for packages, notifying relevant team members promptly.

    • Coordinate with local FedEx/UPS for shipping logistics and same-day drop-ship requirements.

  • Collaboration and Communication:

    • Work remotely with the Support Engineering Team to coordinate tasks.

    • Attend several virtual weekly meetings to provide updates and receive instructions.

  • Asset Management System:

    • Keep the asset management system up to date for various end clients.

    • Maintain accurate records of equipment movements and changes.

  • Quality Control and Configuration:

    • Collaborate with the Support Team to remotely configure laptops before shipping.

    • Ensure all equipment meets quality standards before shipment.

  • Office Operations:

    • Be available to receive packages at the office when required, providing advanced notice to relevant team members.

    • Work independently and as part of a team to ensure smooth office operations.

Team & working conditions

Although we are a remote-first company, this specific role does require on-site work at our New Paltz office. The office is utilized mainly as inventory storage, and as such you will largely be working alone when on-site, with occasional visits from our Co-Founder. The rest of our small Support Team are fully remote across the USA, Canada and India, and you will work closely with them virtually. You will be provided with a company computer and may take meetings from home.

Please note: this part-time position does not have a set shift schedule and we are looking for a high level of availability and flexibility throughout the week. Specifically, you must be available to provide same day drop-ship for requests that come in before 2pm EST/EDT

Opportunities for growth

We encourage computer science students in their final year of college to apply. There is a strong possibility that this can become a full-time Junior. Support Engineer position upon graduation for candidates with the appropriate skills and interest in starting a career in IT Support. Full-time positions with us include competitive salaries, health benefits, 401(k) matching and generous PTO. 

What’s the hiring process?

100% remote hiring and onboarding, usually 2-4 weeks between phone screen & offer:

  • Phone screen with our Head of Business Operations (15-30 mins)

  • Panel interview with Co-Founder, Support Engineering Manager & Senior Support Engineer (30mins-1hr)

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