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Cloud solutions without the fluff

Cloud and DevOps consulting services from business minded experts



We work with you to design and implement the technology backbone of your organization. Our solutions support your needs today and scale seamlessly as you grow.


End-to-end cloud migration services tailor-made for your business. From assessment to optimization, we’re here for you at every step.

Moving applications from a data center into a cloud environment is hard. A “lift and shift” migration often results in minimal benefit and greater expense. A migration done well means significant cost savings, less work for your employees to manage, greater stability, availability, and faster releases for new features. We can help you evaluate, inventory and strategize your requirements to make the switch to cloud. With years of experience and many successful migrations behind us, we know the challenges and roadblocks you will encounter throughout the entire migration life cycle.

02 / IAC

Identify, define and implement custom IaC solutions to provision, automate and optimize your infrastructure services.

Your IT infrastructure should enable your business’ innovation, not block it. IaC is the perfect alternative to inefficient traditional systems administration. Modernize your infrastructure stack and reap the rewards of more flexibility, less downtime, quicker releases, cost savings and maximized team integration. We will identify, define and implement a custom IaC solution for your business that is testable, auditable and secure. By provisioning and automating your infrastructure for you, we ensure your teams can focus on software and development with the security of a solid technical foundation.

03 / CI/CD

Deliver bug-free code to clients without downtime through a CI/CD pipeline designed specifically for your business needs.

Eliminate fear of releases and reduce your go-to-market time. Continuous integration and deployment is key to delivering your code to your clients bug-free and without downtime. Remove repetitious and prohibitive processes from your development, product and operation groups and spend time where it matters. We will establish your business’ prerequisites, define its processes, and identify the best tools for your ecosystem. Our extensive experience with many varied businesses means we can ensure your code delivery is done in accordance with your business requirements, whatever they may be.

04 / AWS

As an AWS Select Tier Partner, we have extensive experience with a vast range of AWS Cloud services that can enhance your business.

Amazon Web Services’ broad suite of cloud-based products make it an ideal cloud platform for many of our clients. But with so many features to choose from, it can be challenging to know which will have the most impact on your infrastructure and, ultimately, your business and bottom line. As a Select Tier AWS Consulting Partner, we have a wealth of verified AWS cloud experience and can help you identify and implement the AWS products that best fit your business needs. We are fluent in most of AWS’ features and are continually working to guarantee our competency in a few key services they offer. Amazon Web Services’ broad suite of cloud-based products make it an ideal cloud platform for many of our clients. But with so many features to choose from, it can be challenging to know which will have the most impact on your infrastructure and, ultimately, your business and bottom line.


Produce secure-by-design infrastructure and applications fully compliant with CIS, SOC2, ISO 27001, HIPAA or regulatory.

Companies often underestimate the amount of effort required to comply with computing security standards and auditable compliance regulations. Our extensive experience with a range of compliance standards can help abate additional overhead for your team, including providing templated documentation and pre-built IaC modules. We work to design solutions with security in mind and have traversed many engagements with auditors and InfoSec groups alike. We also understand the importance of quickly and accurately responding to SaaS client security questionnaires so you can get your hosted products to as many customers as possible.


We offer Managed Service Provider (MSP) capabilities for cloud and IT if you would prefer to outsource your infrastructure entirely.

If you want to focus solely on your product development, we can manage your application stack infrastructure and, if desired, your back office services as well. This includes a standard ITIL-backed SLA-based support offering with up to 24/7 availability. Many of our clients simply manage their code in git and nothing else. We can ensure backing systems are present, available and able to quickly scale to meet your needs. We handle design and deployment of high throughput and large environments, be it web based users, large data or computer problems. We are also experts in Office365, Google Workspace, email and other office requirements. Let us help you to enable your office manager to automate away the pain of IT.


Petabloc was founded by top industry veterans who’ve spent years implementing solutions for global enterprises. We know the pitfalls and the mistakes you need to avoid. We know the right approaches to take to enable your technology and your company to succeed.

David Peterka.jpg

David has over 20 years of progressive technology leadership & innovation with a focus on leading strategy, design, implementation, and support of enterprise solutions for cloud deployments.

David’s understanding of business requirements, often lacking in a technical world, has helped him to continuously deliver successful work on time and with clear benefits to his clients.

Jon Block.jpg

Jon has managed successful consulting businesses for over 15 years. His most recent focus has been assembling high performance teams for financial institutions’ response to a new regulatory landscape.

His proven track record can be attributed to his attention to ensuring technology and people are aligned appropriately to the business objectives.


Founded by skilled industry veterans, Petabloc's co-founders bring a combined 35 years of solid business acumen, technology leadership & continuous innovation to every project.


Our bench is made of top engineering talent who consistently deliver cloud technology of the highest standards. Led by our expert team leads, our engineers hit the ground running every time.


Quick-thinking problem-solvers, we are able to adapt to your changing business needs without compromising your infrastructure. Easy-going and flexible, we quickly assimilate to your company's culture. 

Yingbin Zhang.jpg

Principal Technical Architect

Yingbin is a seasoned cloud architect consistently producing creative, air-tight and secure architecture solutions for clients of all sizes, whether they be an enterprise or start-up. His primary interests are monitoring, automation, troubleshooting, performance tuning and tools development, and he incorporates his experience in these areas into all his design and build processes. Yingbin has extensive hands on experience with a range of technologies and tools, including: Linux/Unix/Windows admin, VMware/AWS, Oracle/MySQL, Chef/Puppet/Ansible/Terraform, Perl/Python/Shell, Zabbix/NewRelic/Grafana/SignalFX, and ELK – to name just a few. Top 3 Technical Expertise: AWS, Linux, Terraform.

Viket Trivedi.jpg

Senior Technical Architect

Viket has over 18 years of experience designing and supporting large-scale infrastructure environments for application and web development for a range of industries, including media enterprises. With expertise in both AWS and Microsoft Azure, Viket brings years of cloud and networking best practices to the clients he supports. Viket’s keen interest in customer satisfaction ensures consistent attention to both technical and business client deliverables. Viket is particularly adept with Windows Administration, Microsoft O365 and Azure tenant management, and MDM. Top 3 Technical Expertise: Microsoft Azure, Windows Administration, MDM.

Jeffrey Yu.jpg

Principal Platform Engineer

Jeff began his career in Quality Assurance, but quickly found his niche in platform engineering and cloud operations. He consistently exceeds client expectations with the precision and speed of his work, and his ability to understand and solve complex problems. He is comfortable with all operating systems, and also has considerable experience with a range of tools including: Virtual Machines, Shell (Bash), Netflix OSS, Python/Ruby/HTML/PHP, Git, ElasticSearch, Graylog, Apache/Nginx, Splunk, Terraform, Vault, Nexus, Yum/Apt. Jeff is particularly advanced with IaC solutions and dockerization, and maintains tabs on developments in the industry in order to stay on the cutting edge of DevOps tools and technologies. Top 3 Technical Expertise: AWS, Terraform, Docker.

Rohit Agarwal.jpg

Senior Technical Architect

Rohit’s 15+ year career began in the gaming industry, and has since expanded to include enterprise financial, consumer goods and tourism verticals. His strong understanding of business contributes to a strong focus on client relationships and customer support. Rohit specializes in CI/CD and IaaS automation, using tools such as CloudFormation, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, Python and Groovy to produce workflows which developers and operations can use to test, build, and deploy code and infrastructure. He also has expertise in Test Automation using Jmeter and Selenium WebDriver and has been instrumental in implementing automation test frameworks for multiple clients in a range of industries. Top 3 Technical Expertise: AWS, CI/CD, IaC.

James Pancoast.jpg
Senior Technical Architect

James Pancoast is a cloud expert with experience architecting, deploying, and maintaining large scale deployments on AWS and Azure following Immutable Infrastructure and Infrastructure as Code philosophies, with extensive experience interfacing with clients. His career spans several industries including media and telecommunications, and he has close to a decade of experience working in a consulting capacity ensuring clients’ technical and business needs are met to the highest standards. Notable career accomplishments include acting as the Lead Architect for a distributed migration team tasked with moving applications into Azure for one of the largest cloud migrations in history for AT&T. Top 3 Technical Expertise: AWS, IaC (Terraform), Kubernetes.



Every business should be able to focus their energy on their products without concern for their technology infrastructure. Our mission is to empower businesses to fully scale the impact of their products by supplying them with world-class tech infrastructures delivered by highly experienced teams.



LendingClub issues billions of dollars in loans per year to it’s customers through a technology and  data driven platform. In order to keep their competitive advantage, LendingClub is committed to progressing their technology platforms and infrastructure.

Reduced new environment setup time from over a month to under an hour. Reduction of costs by 70%. A clear path to being 100% in Amazon AWS and modernization of their data platform.


Amazon AWS utilizing, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, Hadoop, Oracle.

Acryl Data.png


Founded by AirBnB and LinkedIn leaders, Acryl Data builds on the technology of OSS DataHub, and provides a developer-friendly modern data catalog to its clients. As a start-up, their infrastructure needs to be cutting edge, adaptable and scalable.

We created a custom platform using Kubernetes allowing for dynamic generation of client tenants in a hosted SaaS Platform. Flexibility was required to adapt the solution to multiple cloud providers.

ArgoCd, Kubernetes, AWS,  GCP,  GKE, EKS, Terraform, VPC, EC2, SQS, Kafka and many more.



Lawline provides streamable educational programs for lawyers. In order to be successful, their service has to be as consistent and on-point as their clientele is, as well as meet the requirements of state and national board certifications. 

Eliminated regular service outages and got uptime in the “5 9’s” (99.999%) In addition, we also f
ully automated the development team’s deployment process to reduce time to market.


Amazon AWS utilizing RDS, SQS, SNS, EC2, VPC, Cloudfront, S3, SSM, Jenkins, CloudFormation, Ansible, AWS CodeDisplay.

Our Work

Ankit Goyal - CEO, Oddsjam

“Petabloc helped set up a modern continuous integration environment which saves us countless hours every single week and has made everyone’s lives better.”


We are always interested in skillful, adaptable and motivated individuals to join our team. Here you will find all of our internal job postings. We would love to hear from you!


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